Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy may not even wait past the final day of the season to decide on the future of defensive coordinator Dom Capers. More than likely, his mind already is made up. What he saw against the Carolina Panthers last Sunday in a must-win game against a good but not great offense had to sicken his stomach. Receivers, tight ends and running backs running free, defensive linemen jumping offside, and maybe the worst of all, quarterback Cam Newton caught on television telling linebacker Clay Matthews before the snap, “You’ve been watching film, huh? Watch this.” “This” turned out to be Newton throwing to halfback Christian McCaffrey running uncovered over the middle for an easy touchdown while the Packers bungled a coverage they had worked on during the week. The die is cast and McCarthy has no choice but to fire Capers and begin searching for someone who can pull together the talent the Packers have on defense. It was true early in the season when it was fighting through injuries and it remained true when many of those players returned: The Packers' defense features a bunch of individuals playing individually. The positions aren’t working in concert and it shows week after week.