All signs point to the Dallas Cowboys exercising their fifth-year option on Pro Bowl left tackle Tyron Smith that would extend his rookie contract through 2015 and could push off the club’s plan to sign him to a long-term contract. The NFL’s 2011 collective bargaining agreement required all first-round draft picks to sign four-year contracts with a fifth-year team option built into the deal. Smith, the No. 9 overall pick in 2011, is coming off of his first Pro Bowl season and just turned 23 in December. According to the CBA, the Cowboys must give “written notice” to Smith before May 3 if they plan to pick up his fifth-year option. A Cowboys official said this week that it’s reasonable to expect the club will pick up the fifth-year option for Smith, but there’s no need to do so until the deadline. A source close to Smith said “it’s a given” that the Cowboys will exercise their option and add the fifth year to Smith’s contract. If the Cowboys exercise their fifth-year option with Smith, he’ll be fully guaranteed $10.039 million in 2015, which is equal to the transition tag for offensive linemen in the 2014 season. Smith’s base salary in 2014 is $2.079 million. So what does this all mean? The Cowboys plan to sign Smith to a long-term contract and could begin talks on a long-term deal at any point. However, the Cowboys don’t have to get in a hurry to give Smith a long-term contract now with their built-in team option in place to extend his deal through 2015. The Cowboys could decide to wait until next off-season to sign Smith to a long-term contract.