What seemed impossible months ago is slowly taking form. Seeing Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland at real Madrid come June 30 is possible, or at least that's what they believe at the Valdebebas offices. The challenge they placed upon themselves is complicated. So far, the steps taken in the different open negotiations confirm the possiblity of having a chance to see the PSG and Burussia Dortmund players at the Bernabeu are taking shape. Both players' arrival is edging closer every day. Both of them are the current top players in football, when they are at the top of their game. They will be enjoyed by all Madridistas when the next season is underway. This is the plan that the Real Madrid leadership has.

It's been too many weeks analyzing everything, looking at all the accounts and earnings in detail. Which is exactly what could offer the chance to assume the presence of both players in a single club. A commercial impact and naturally the impact they would have in the sport itself. The numbers are ideal and a strong blow to their rivals' morale is what has driven the Real Madrid leadership to attempt signing the two biggest stars in football today. These two are the future of world football. The main obstacle has always been those €100 million before tax that would needto cover only the wages of both players. But the numbers match and everybody at Valdebebas is optimistic.