Justin Verlander would like to spend his entire career in Detroit, and Tigers fans would love to see that happen. If only it were that simple. Verlander has said he'd like to be paid $200 million — a figure that would make him the highest paid pitcher yet also a possible financial burden on his club. After Seattle Mariners starter Felix Hernandez signed a deal worth $175 million, it was easy to predict a nice round number like "200" would interest Verlander. He is, after all, a rather competitive individual no matter what he does. Golf. Baseball. Cars. Salary. That kind of drive makes him so valuable to the Tigers in the first place. It wouldn't be the first time Verlander one-upped Hernandez: In 2010, Verlander signed an $80 million deal just two weeks after Hernandez inked a $78 million contract. If he thinks he's the best, why would Verlander accept being paid anything less than he deserves?