With the NHL's April 3 trade deadline fast approaching, general managers will have to decide whether to sign or trade their potential unrestricted free agents. The Anaheim Ducks, for example, face that situation with star Corey Perry, but USA TODAY Sports hockey columnist Kevin Allen believes they are playing too well to consider dealing him. His take on what other teams should do about their potential free agents: 1. Jarome Iginla (Calgary Flames), trade him: After years of faithful service to Calgary, Iginla deserves the Ray Bourque treatment. Send him to a city where he could win a Stanley Cup, such as Pittsburgh or Boston or Los Angeles. The Flames would benefit because they undoubtedly would receive at least a first-round pick and a prospect. It's a touchy situation because Iginla wants to be viewed as a loyal Flame, but he has to know that this wouldn't change how fans feel about him. Boston fans still love Bourque. Iginla will waive his no-trade clause for the right team. 2. Valtteri Filppula (Detroit Red Wings), sign him: This situation is tricky because it's hard to determine his market value. He's an impressively skilled player who, at 28, has had one 20-goal season. But the romance of Filppula's potential is alluring, and he'd be attractive on the open market. The Red Wings want and need to sign him, particularly with Pavel Datsyuk's status unknown after next season.