This wasn’t getting thrown under a bus. This was the Denver Broncos’ current group of quarterbacks getting run over by a wave of M-1 Abrams tanks. It started Christmas Eve when Broncos star defensive players Brandon Marshall and Von Miller, among others, all but invited the Washington quarterback that just beat them that day, Kirk Cousins, into their locker room. General manager John Elway and head coach Vance Joseph – while making sure to point out the Broncos’ troubles during their 5-11 season could not be solely blamed on their quarterback play -- have also been transparent in expressing a need to upgrade the position during the offseason. Several players have continued to either publicly recruit Cousins through social media, or state during interviews the need for a quality quarterback. Um, gee, fellas. Anyone consider what Trevor and Brock might think? They combined to start 14 of the Broncos’ 16 games last season. No one blamed them by name. But, yes, during phone interviews with 9NEWS, Trevor Siemian and Brock Osweiler were aware of the comments that indirectly were less-than-flattering.