Where a heated Auston Matthews Connor McDavid only saw grey, Sidney Crosby sees black and white. The Pittsburgh Penguins captain said Saturday that referees made the correct calls in taking goals away from fellow all-stars Matthews and McDavid this week due to goaltender interference. Crosby believes the goalie interference rule has been applied fairly and supports the NHL’s use of video review. “There’s been some situations where it’s probably been magnified. It happened in Toronto, and it happened in Edmonton, so you tend to look at it a little more,” Crosby said during the all-star game’s media day. “As a player, you have a pretty good idea. If you affect the goalie’s ability to make a save, it’s not going to be a goal. I think it’s been pretty consistent. It’s tough in the moment to understand that. “I watch a lot of hockey, and I like to think, as a player, I’m pretty aware when it’s going to be called back.” During Monday’s loss to the Colorado Avalanche, Toronto Maple Leafs centre Matthews had a goal overturned because he got caught up in goaltender Jonathan Bernier’s blocker. He scored on his next shift and made an emphatic “good goal” motion with his arm, mimicking a referee.