Count Sidney Crosby among the many who prefer the NHL's old postseason format.

The Pittsburgh Penguins captain said he favors the 1-to-8 conference playoff seeding to the current divisional bracket setup.

"I like 1-to-8 just because I think the regular season is as difficult as it is; teams should be rewarded," he told reporters Friday. "That's probably the best way to be rewarded, even though there isn't a ton of difference. I like that version a little bit better."

Under the NHL's current playoff format - which was adopted ahead of the 2013-14 campaign - the top three teams from each division plus two wild cards from each conference make the playoffs. The top team in each division faces a wild-card entry in Round 1, while the No. 2 and 3 divisional seeds square off against each other. There's no reseeding.