One of the great parts of HBO's 24/7: Road to the Winter Classic series is that it captures so much of the on-ice conversations fans are so rarely privy to. The second episode of this year's edition of the popular show granted one of the more candid conversations it's ever gotten a hold of. In a very chippy game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Toronto Maple Leafs, Sidney Crosby and Dion Phaneuf had a conference with the officials at center ice as things began to get out of hand. That comes at the 1:54 mark of the video below after some set up of how things had gotten out of hand. Crosby took exception with Nazem Kadri's attempted hit earlier in the game, though Crosby dished a punch himself in that fracas. Phaneuf disagreed with Crosby's take. You can judge for yourself as the clip that sparked the argument is at about 46-second mark of the video. Here's how the conversation went, though. Crosby: “Guy's running me with an elbow up into my head, too, that's OK too?” Phaneuf: “Who Did?” Crosby: “Kadri. [expletive] domed me. Then he acts like he got shot.” Phaneuf: “You [expletive] hit me from behind, Sid.” Crosby: “I did not, come on. I don't even hit anybody. I haven't hit anybody this year.” Phaneuf: “Yeah, but you wouldn't like it if I pushed you like that.” Crosby: “Probably not, but you do it all day anyway.” Phaneuf: “I got a job to do, too, with ya.” Crosby: “Yeah, well Kadri's a [expletive] joke.”