With the weather expected to be nasty and still sort of recovering from his offseason ankle surgery, Carolina Panthers star quarterback Cam Newton watched his team's first preseason game in warmups from the sidelines Friday night. Newton sitting against the Buffalo Bills wasn't altogether unexpected, but it did provide him an opportunity to see things that maybe he otherwise wouldn't have noticed in Carolina's rather lackluster performance. "It comes with the game and I get one perspective as a fan watching those guys out there," Newton said following his team's 20-18 loss. "We've got a lot of guys out there who are new to this. (There are) some things that was questionable with executing, but we're gonna come back and get rest and be prepared to come back to work. " ... We just gotta get better as a whole team. You know, as an offense we gotta get better. Some things we made hard for ourselves in situations that we gotta be better in, and we will." The Panthers struggled offensively throughout the game, especially with the patchwork first-team offensive line. The second-team unit was even worse. It got so bad that after having pulled most of the starters on the line, they returned to the game after one very bad series by the second team.