With another report the Cavaliers approached the Knicks about Iman Shumpert, coach Mike Woodson continues to stamp out the perception he doesn’t like the Knicks combo guard because he’s on the trading block. An ESPN.com report stated the Cavaliers asked about Shumpert as they shop young guard Dion Waiters. The Knicks aren’t interested in Waiters as they are looking for frontcourt help, not another shooting guard. On Tuesday, Woodson called the notion he doesn’t like Shumpert “bull—-” in the wake of a performance in Portland that looked as if Shumpert had quit on the coach. Woodson is trying to push the right buttons for Shumpert now — and at least to increase his trade value. Woodson met with Shumpert during practice at UCLA on Tuesday following Monday’s zero-point, zero-assist, zero-rebound, two-turnover effort. “It was a good conversation,’’ Woodson said before the Knicks’ 93-80 loss to the Clippers Wednesday night. “This thing buzzing around out there I don’t like Iman. I got a great deal of respect for Iman. That’s why he plays the minutes he’s played and has been in the starting lineup since I’ve been here.’’ Woodson said he may get on Shumpert more than others. “If I’m calling your name, I‘m calling you for a reason,’’ he said. “I’m not trying to pick on you sometimes. It’s motivation. If I see a miscue, it’s just coaching. They can’t take it personally. We’re struggling somewhat. And there’s a lot of miscues and somebody has to say something. Our guys can’t take it personally.’’ Both Shumpert and J.R. Smith were dreadful in Portland and weren’t much better Wednesday night. Shumpert finished with two points, three rebounds and two assists, and Smith had seven points, five rebounds and two assists. “They can’t have any nights off, they can’t,’’ Woodson said. “Last year they didn’t have many nights off. I got to get both of those guys playing at a high level. ‘’