With the news coming that Alex Rodriguez was linked to a PED supplier in Anthony Bosch, A-Rod is staring at a 50 game suspension and the Yankees may be looking to void his contract. There has been some speculation as to whether or not the Yankees can void the contract (they will be facing an uphill battle as there is no precedent that has been set with voiding a contract for using PED). Since this is the hot stove season, it made me wonder, if A-Rod is let go of his contract, should the Rockies make a run at him? For the past few years, third base has been lacking in terms of production, with Garrett Atkins being the last third baseman to put together a solid season (with Garrett putting together a line of .286/21/99 in 2008). Last year, Chris Nelson and Jordan Pacheco combined to start the majority of games at third base (68 and 80 game respectively). These two players are better suited as super utility players than players who can lock down a position. Nolan Arenado presents as the best internal candidate for the Rockies at third, but he is still probably a season away. This brings us back to Alex Rodriguez.