Whenever the NHL discusses ways to increase scoring in hockey, they come up with a couple ideas that are just inherently bad. One of these ideas is to alter the size of the nets, since goalies are bigger now and it's harder to score. A few years ago this idea was brought up, and they wanted to change the shape of the net too, which led to the idea of this ridiculous monstrosity: The NHL no longer wants to do something so foolish as that. The idea being talked about is expanding the width of the net by a few inches. Some people say two inches, some say by more (Rangers fans say 8 inches, but they always say that). On the surface, I can see how people who don't understand the goaltending position could see this as no big deal. Goaltenders are getting bigger, make the nets slightly bigger, scoring goes back up. However the increase in goalie size in the last generation of netminders isn't the only thing effecting goal totals. The way I see it, you've got three major contributors to lower scoring: Goaltenders are bigger now than ever. Goaltenders are more talented now than ever. Defensive systems are better now than ever. Where would you rank those factors in terms of importance? Personally, watching a ridiculous amount of hockey, I would rank the size of goaltenders as the least important of the three. However it's the one thing that sticks out as easily fixable.