This year New York has a 14 percent chance to win the draft lottery. If you’ve ever rooted for the Knicks before, the truth is they actually have an 86 percent chance to pick elsewhere. This isn’t a glass half full/empty situation. It’s not even a has a splash vs. looks full to me situation. It’s a how do you survive with such little water when there’s a drought coming? situation. Zion Williamson is the only drink that will quench this draft’s thirst. Every pick after Zion is a Ewing-esque drop step dramatically out of the HOV lane.

No matter what draft expert or enthusiast you trust, they probably have a different picks 2-5, a very different lottery projection and an unrecognizable rest of the first round. Let’s not even speak of the second round! It’ll twist your wig. With that in mind, when the Knicks inevitably get the fourth or fifth pick at the lottery, does it make sense for them to package that for some lower and/or future picks? If there’s no one you trust, or conversely plenty of prospects you trust, the math alone could work in your favor both long-term and for the immediate cap concerns.