The latest Dwight Howard injury to his shoulder should send a message to the Mavericks. And that message is that they should do whatever it takes to make their play for Howard now, regardless of how serious (or minor) his injury is. There's a very real possibility they could be buying low, as they say in the stock-market. For those who went to bed too early to see the end of the Phoenix win over the Lakers, Howard went down when he was hacked on the way up to the basket. He quickly grabbed his right arm and left the game. He had an ice bag on the shoulder for the conclusion of the game and in the locker room. Nobody knows if this is a serious injury or not. But either way, the Mavericks have to take the Andrew Bogut approach. Golden State dealt for Bogut last season even when the Warriors knew it was going to be a full year (or close to it) before they got his services. There's nothing wrong with that philosophy, especially when dealing with a center who is still young and has a lot of years left ahead of him. Now, we can all debate the merits of whether Howard is the "big fish" that the Mavericks should seek in free agency or extend-and-trade scenarios. But there's no denying he's one of the top big men in the game, if not the best, when healthy. The Mavericks are smarter than all of us when it comes to how to pursue players. That's what they do for a living. In this case, we're guessing they'll be on the phone with the Lakers soon, if they haven't been already.