This post is going to be short and to the point. Bottom line Broncos Country, do you think the Broncos should do it? Revis is in the last year of his contract coming off of a season ending ACL injury. His contract for 2013 looks like this: $3 Million base salary, $3 Million in bonuses, $9 Million cap hit. Now I'm not sure if the cap hit number is accurate because all I can find are three $1 Million bonuses for reporting to camp, workouts, and roster. It looks as if the prorated signing bonus has already been paid in full. My gut feeling is that if a deal gets done, it would be reworked from this year on. The Broncos have approximately 18.5 Million in cap space (most in the AFC West) but also have a slew of bottom/middle tier free agents to resign along with Ryan Clady who will most likely eat up about half our cap space in 2013. We have smart guys in the FO that would be able to work out the numbers favorably over the lifetime of the contract(s) though so it might not be prudent to throw away this idea just because of that. The pros and cons as I see it?