The 2013 NFL Draft features two possible 1st rounders at the Tight End position, and the TE needy Chicago Bears are currently slotted in the 20th selection. Both Notre Dame's Tyler Eifert and Stanford's Zach Ertz are receiving 1st round grades, and one of, if not both, should be available when the Bears select at 20. But should they take a tight end in the 1st round? Some scouts say that you should never take a tight end in the 1st round unless they have freakish ability like Vernon Davis of the San Francisco 49ers. A few year sago, the Bears themselves plucked a TE in the 1st round when they grabbed Greg Olsen from the Miami Hurricanes. These days Olsen sure would look good in a Bears uniform, especially with the West Coast Offense back in Chicago, but that ship sailed for various reasons. Besides Davis and Olsen, there are eight other teams that start a former 1st rounder at tight end. In fact the ten 1st rounders starting at TE are the most of any other round. That kind of poo poos the notion that you shouldn't draft a TE in the 1st... Next most is a tie with six each that were either 2nd or 3rd rounders. There are two starting TEs that were drafted in the 4th round, four that were drafted in the 5th, two drafted in the 6th, none in the 7th, and two that were undrafted free agents.