Just how determined will the Chicago Bulls be this offseason and adding another superstar? That is something to watch as the postseason concludes and teams begin looking toward free agency. Chicago could be monitoring some big names on the NBA trade market as well.

Billy Donovan came in and this caused the front office to buy at the deadline. Once he was hired, this put the Bulls on the right track toward competing in the Eastern Conference. They decided to hang onto both Zach Lavine and Lauri Markkanen, despite getting offers for both.

The Bulls added Nikola Vucevic and this built their frontcourt into something elite. Now, they could attempt to improve the point-guard position in hopes of taking the next step.

If Chicago is looking to other rebuilding teams, the Washington Wizards stand out right away. They are another team that has decisions to make regarding some of their stars.

Both Bradley Beal and Russell Westbrook have been thrown into NBA trade rumors over the last few months. Washington was able to sneak into the postseason as the eighth seed but are not close to contending for a championship. This means that Westbrook could be one of the first players sent away.