That's the (multi-)million dollar question facing the Denver Broncos: Should they go after Tyrod Taylor given the subpar quarterback play the team has received since winning Super Bowl 50. Taylor’s name has bandied about the Denver rumor mill for months. It has long been speculated that he would be set free by the Buffalo Bills in the offseason, with reports heading into training camp that Taylor may not be the man in Buffalo. Many have connected Taylor to John Elway’s Broncos. This week, the dot connecting hit an extra gear when Bills coach Sean McDermott benched Taylor out of the blue in favor for fifth-round pick Nathan Peterman. It was a surprising move given he's led Buffalo to a 5-4 record and has a track record of success. Yes, the Bills have been struggling, but most of the issues have been on defense. Taylor is far down the list of the team's issues. While this was a November shocker, it will not be a stunner come February or March when Taylor is cut loose. Given that Denver will very much be in the market for a quarterback in the offseason unless 2016 first-round pick Paxton Lynch, who appears to be inching closer to the field, takes over and showcases flashes of a potential franchise QB down the stretch. So, should the Broncos and Taylor seek out each other in the offseason? For Denver, it should be a hard no. Taylor may be interested — it will be a tough market to be a mediocre quarterback in what can be a strong year to acquire quarterbacks — but the Broncos could do better. The only scenario that would make sense for Denver to add Taylor is if he somehow becomes available during this season. That is unlikely but not impossible. If Peterman delivers instantly and Taylor makes it known he wants out now, the Bills could do him a solid, and there'd be value in Denver ending the season with him under center. As far as being the quarterback of the future, however, the Broncos can do better — and, in fact, must do better.