After years of disappointment and subpar play, the Chicago Bulls have finally returned to a state of relevancy in the Eastern Conference. In fact, amid a particularly dominant stretch, they find themselves with the fourth-best record in the entire NBA.

But while the Bulls are certainly not a team that needs to make any changes, they might have one more move up their sleeve.

In a recent article, NBA analyst and former league executive John Hollinger revealed that Chicago could have plans to trade Patrick Williams, opening up the potential to acquire some additional talent.

(via The Athletic)

Chicago also has another tantalizing possibility in its hip pocket: Patrick Williams. The fourth pick in the 2020 draft is out for the season with a wrist injury, but he could be the icing on a trade sundae for the right player. Would the Bulls consider dealing him in a Harrison Barnes package, for instance? What about for Detroit’s Jerami Grant? A Grant-for-Williams (and, um, Jones and Brown) swap has to at least get Detroit’s attention, right? That might be one of my favorite fake trades right now.