David Alaba has been the subject of a flurry of transfer rumors during this lull in action on the pitch. He enters the final year of his contract next season, and Bayern Munich has thus far not offered him an extension. Alaba’s situation is not unique in that respect — the club has postponed negotiations with other veterans approaching the end of their contracts, as well.

But Alaba’s situation is unique insofar as the breakout of Alphonso Davies at Alaba’s position has given the club a very attractive replacement. Could now be the moment for Bayern to let Alaba depart at a premium? Hence, I asked our BFW writers to share their thoughts on that question now facing Bayern’s front office. Here are our answers.


David Alaba is a long-serving key component of this squad, and the only thing that should cause #27 to leave this squad is David himself. Alaba has excelled without complaint at every position Bayern have asked him to play. He builds strong relationships with his teammates and represents positive ideas and spirit at every turn. His relationship with Ribery was the stuff of legend, and he is also close to young Davies, helping guide the budding star to be all he can be in the Bundesliga.

Alaba is also a fully matured player at the height of his skills, and his positional flexibility makes him very hard to replace. The number of players who can play more than one position at Bayern with a starter’s quality is pretty limited. I don’t see how he can be effectively replaced by one player at this point of his career. 

This is also a team that needs leadership, especially at the back end. To my mind the club should do everything it can to extend Alaba’s contract. I’ll still love him if he leaves, but I think it is best for the club and David if he stays.