Nobody has whipped home more shootout goals this winter than Alex Tanguay. Nobody. And nobody, surely, is as open about the gimmicky exercise than the Calgary Flames left-winger, who (surprisingly) admits to a few personal preferences. Superstitious? Apparently not. Tanguay — who collected his 10th shootout goal Saturday in Edmonton, who paces the National Hockey League with four game-deciding shooties, who has lifted the Flames to a league-high nine shootout triumphs — happily divulges tidbits. Precious little prodding is required. "I'm not going to tell you all of my secrets," Tanguay, grinning, declares — before revealing more than most. He prefers to take a wrist shot. "You just see what's available," Tanguay says. "Shot, to me, is the first option. The easiest move to make. You don't have to worry about the ice, you don't have to worry about anything else. If you hit a crack and mishandle the puck, you miss your shot. I've had that happen." He tries to stay on a freshly scraped swath of ice. "I always feel that's very important," he says. "After the overtime, the ice gets chippy in some areas. You don't want the puck bouncing when you come down." He likes to make his approach briskly. "I always try to have decent speed," says Tanguay. "That way, the goalie has to react a little quicker. I feel if I come down too slow, he'll get his timing right. So I try to get a little speed — but not too much that I'm out of control." He switches off his brain. And this is critical.