Just after dawn on Feb. 13, Alexander Bradley was driven to an industrial park outside Riviera Beach, Fla., shot once in the head and left to die. A man, who had just arrived at work, heard a gunshot and spotted an SUV driving away. Minutes later, he found Bradley curled up in a fetal position, who told him to call 911. "Tell them to hurry," Bradley said. "I'm gonna bleed out." Four months later, in a suburb of Boston, Odin Lloyd was driven to an industrial park, shot several times and left to die. Bradley lost his right eye but lived. Lloyd died. Now, court documents accuse the same man in both shootings: NFL star and former Florida Gators great Aaron Hernandez, who was arrested on murder charges last week in Lloyd's killing. And, The Palm Beach Post has learned that authorities investigating Lloyd's slaying visited a hardware store in Belle Glade, Fla., on Wednesday asking about the purchases of two guns linked to Hernandez. Hernandez, 23, who last summer signed a $40 million contract with the New England Patriots that delivered a $12.5 million bonus, has NFL friends who grew up in the Glades. Several Glades area residents told The Post that Hernandez visits there occasionally. 'A LITTLE VACATION' In February, Bradley flew into Palm Beach International Airport from Connecticut with Hernandez and two other men, whom he didn't know, David Jaroslawicz, one of Bradley's lawyers, said last week. He said Bradley and Hernandez were friends. "They went for a little vacation," he said. "They like Worth Avenue." They drove to Tootsie's Cabaret, a strip club in Miami Gardens, where Hernandez and Bradley got into an argument. The dispute continued as they left the club and drove north toward Palm Beach. Jaroslawicz said he didn't know what the argument was about. He said they were staying in Palm Beach County but didn't know where.