Pitchers and catchers report within two weeks, and as usual there are plenty of enticing storylines.


1. Will the Angels try to extend Shohei Ohtani, and do they have any chance?

They want to try, and have two things going for them: 1) He’s presumed to prefer the West Coast (one rival exec says, “he’s about comfort, more than money”), and 2) They’ve clearly honored his wish to prove he’s the best two-way player ever. However, with no playoff appearances in five years, the likelihood of a quick spring deal is practically nil.


2. Will the Pirates trade Bryan Reynolds?

Some rival execs are holding out hope even though they say Pittsburgh is seeking a “Soto-type” deal. (The Yankees showed interest and the Marlins are among the more “aggressive” teams.) Here’s where I’d normally rip the Pirates, but they actually showed signs of trying this winter. They remain most interested in locking up Reynolds — who still seeks a trade after rebuffing a six-year, $76 million offer.