One of the best post-Super Bowl moments is when the NFL busts out the Sound FX from the Super Bowl and shows us what was happening on the battlefield. This may come as a surprise, but this year's rendition featured Richard Sherman talking some smack to Broncos wide receivers! (Sherman, by the way, wouldn't reveal what he said to them during his postgame presser.) Sherman was first featured on the sidelines, yelling to his teammates about not being respected by Wes Welker, Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker. "Wes Welker say he wanted us? Demaryius say we don't hit? Decker say he wanted some?" Sherman yells. "Boy you ask for a storm you gonna get it!" Later, Sherman was shown talking specifically to Welker on the field, pointing out that Welker probably shouldn't ever ask for "1-on-1's with us." Don't you ever say you want 1-on-1's with us!" Sherman said. "Don't you ever say that!" Just about everyone realized how badly the Seahawks defensive players were manhandling the Broncos wide receivers. And Russell Wilson's observation of how the defensive backs played might back up the idea that, as floated by Sherman, they knew where Peyton Manning was going to throw the ball. "Man, they jumping routes," Wilson said. "Boom!"