Richard Sherman says for fans, for this weekend, it’s a darn good thing that all NFL contracts are not guaranteed. He says if they were, there likely would not be a Seahawks game this weekend. “Oh, yeah, those guys would probably sit this game out,” Seattle’s star cornerback said. Those guys are the Houston Texans, the Seahawks’ opponent Sunday at CenturyLink Field. Players in Houston--and across the NFL, all the way out to Seattle--were angered and in many ways felt justified by comments published Friday by ESPN The Magazine from Texans owner Bob McNair. ESPN quoted McNair saying during last week’s league owners meeting, during discussions about ongoing player protests for social and racial equality during the national anthem before games: “We can't have the inmates running the prison.” Because the NFL does not have guaranteed contracts for all--as do players in the NBA and Major League Baseball--the Texans and Seahawks will indeed play on Sunday.