Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has been the talk of not just the NFL, but the entire country as a result of the rant that was broadcast to 50 million viewers after the NFC Championship Game. Sherman finds the outcry hard to believe. “It was really mind-boggling the way the world reacted,” Sherman told Rachel Nichols of CNN. Sherman said that on reflection, he probably shouldn’t have verbally attacked 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree in his post-game interview. “And that was immature and I probably shouldn’t have done that. I regret doing that,” Sherman said. Sherman added that people who know him off the field know him as being more thoughtful and reflective than he sounded on Sunday. “I’ve always been a square, a nerd. Kind of odd, kind of awkward,” he said. “I still am to this day. People just think I’m a lot cooler ’cause I play football.”