Sheldon Keefe addressed the media after his team’s 5-2 loss to the Buffalo Sabres on Sunday night, dropping the Leafs’ record to 31-21-8 on the season.

For the first ten minutes of the first period, I thought we were fine. Not a lot was happening, really, either way. I thought we were fine to start to the game and it got away from us. In the second half of the first and all through the second period, for the most part, we weren’t even in the building.

We regrouped and had a really strong third at the start of the third period and put ourselves in a position, obviously, to tie a game. I thought we had some chances even to take a lead and then we get off-kilter there with the penalty call against us. It goes in on us on the penalty kill and we obviously didn’t respond or recover well after that.