There’s no debating it—the Miami Heat are the best team in basketball right now, and the Sixers—well, they’re one of the worst. Philadelphia comes into this matchup after losing 10 out of their last 12 games, and things don’t look too promising as they try to stop the freight train that is Miami’s 16-game winning streak. However, All-Star Jrue Holiday has the chops to pull off a surprising upset if he plays to his potential. The Heat only have 14 losses so far in the 2012-13 season and have recorded more assists than their opponents in only one of those games. In fact, in these losses they are out-assisted by 4.1. This is good news for Holiday, who is currently fourth in the league with 8.6 assists per game. When Holiday dishes out 12 or more assists per game, the Sixers are 7-4. As a team, the Sixers are 14th in the league in assists with a modest 22.4 per game, right behind Miami with 22.5.