During interviews about Predators defensemen Shea Weber or Ryan Suter, the word "complement" seems to find its way into most sentences. "We thought they would be a very good complement to one another," Coach Barry Trotz said. "Our games complement each other," Weber said. "I think we complement each other well," Suter said. Weber is a big, powerful defenseman who hits hard and blasts howitzers on opposing nets. Suter is the skilled blueline partner who makes plays with his head and skating ability. With their skills combined, many observers around the NHL believe they create the perfect defenseman. Through scouting, foresight, strategy and draft luck, Nashville united the pair that has led its defense corps for the better part of the past four seasons. Today, Weber will take part in his third NHL All-Star game, and Suter will make his debut. "Just watching years and years of hockey makes you realize there are different fits with each other," Predators Assistant General Manager Paul Fenton said. "We saw those two fitting together. It's like putting on a pair of socks. They just fit."