So Miles Bridges gets rubber-stamped in a few hours, while Shea Patterson twists in the wind for months. Say this for the NCAA and its strike zone: It’s all over the damn place, but at least it’s consistently all over the damn place. “I still think it’s a coin-flip to decide, but I think the NCAA will do the right thing,” noted David Ridpath, associate professor of sport management at Ohio University and president of The Drake Group, an advocacy group seeking NCAA academic reform. “Shea Patterson will be available to start for Michigan [this fall]. It’s not a guarantee … that’s coming from a common-sense standpoint.” Of course, if Mark Emmert’s tap-dance job on CBS over Saturday lunch was any indicator, “common sense” is relative — and the NCAA president’s docket right now, as you can imagine, is filling up rather quickly, given that the college basketball pool resembles the one at Bushwood Country Club right now The Rick Pitino Era at Louisville has been banished to the Phantom Zone and The Sean Miller Era at Arizona is on the fast track to join it. Yahoo Sports’ lid-lifting of the nationwide FBI investigation into college hoops bribery and fraud has people screaming for common sense reform, save for the folks who actually have the power to reform it. Meanwhile, Patterson holds the bag in Ann Arbor, tossing touchdown passes in limbo. “I guess there’s a chance that it could be next month,” Ridpath said of an NCAA ruling on Michigan’s quarterback, who transferred from Mississippi over the winter in the wake of the Rebels’ postseason ban. “Just like in the Louisville thing [last week], I had no idea. It just came up.” ‘I wish that he is given that waiver in a timely fashion’ Could be a week. Or a month. Or two. And your guess, believe it or not, might be good as theirs, frankly. We asked a handful of NCAA policy experts three questions in regard to Patterson’s petition to play for the Wolverines this fall after his recent transfer from Ole Miss: 1. What’s going to happen? 2. When? 3. If you had a nickel, which way would you wager on No. 20 being free and clear to suit up in Maize and Blue in 2018? “No. 1, I’m not a betting person. I will tell you what I wish,” offered Ellen J. Staurowsky, a professor at Drexel University’s department of sport management, co-author of the book College Athletes For Hire: The Evolution and Legacy of the NCAA Amateur Myth, and a witness for the plaintiff in O’Bannon v. NCAA. “I wish that Shea Patterson is given that waiver. I wish that he is given that waiver in a timely fashion, which means, essentially, now. And not only for him, but also for the other players that have been affected by this as well. This was not something of their construction and they should not be nailed as a result of it.