The question kept coming at Shawn Marion as if stuck on a sound loop. How do you stop LeBron? … How do you stop LeBron? … How do you stop LeBron? Finally, when it was posed yet again at Monday's media session, the Mavericks swingman responded with a question of his own: "Where you been, man?" It has been a recurring theme throughout the playoffs, Marion drawing the tough defensive assignment: Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, now the Heat's LeBron James in the NBA Finals. "You've got to make it hard for him. You might give up something, but you can't give him everything. That's the key," Marion said. "I look at it as a challenge. It's fun. I'm a competitor." Marion said defending James and the Heat's Big Three is not a one-on-one proposition. "They're a three-headed monster. We're a five-headed monster on the floor playing defense," he said. "It's a team defense. We're all helping each other out there." After being called out by his coach and teammates to play more aggressively after the first two games against Oklahoma City, Marion received praise for his work against Durant while making key offensive contributions in the rest of the series.