Anytime a player has significant term left on a contract, it’s difficult for a team to offer to retain salary to facilitate a trade.  They’re not able to pick and choose how much to retain and in what year; it’s a uniform amount of retention for the remainder of the deal.  Accordingly, it’s not very often that a player signed for several more seasons is moved with the trading team holding back some money.

One team that is open to being an exception to that appears to be San Jose.  Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman reports in his latest 32 Thoughts column that the Sharks are willing to retain on Evander Kane’s contract in order to try to help trade talks move along.  Kane has three years remaining on his deal with a $7MM AAV, a high price tag for many teams to try to add with so many being tight to the salary cap already.

Kane has yet to play this season after receiving a 21-game suspension from the league for using a fake proof of vaccination while their investigation into allegations made over the offseason could not be substantiated.