Henrik Zetterberg can get out of bed without feeling like an old man, he can practice full-out with his Red Wings teammates, and he can once again push a shopping cart around fearlessly. It has been a trying and tiresome three weeks for him, but as the Wings ready themselves for Round 2 of the playoffs, Zetterberg -- MVP of the 2008 Stanley Cup run -- is prepared to join them after missing the first round with a sprained left MCL. "It's great, because it puts one more person on the ice that the other team has to be aware of," goaltender Jimmy Howard said. "Z, he's got a knack for being great in the playoffs, and we welcome him back with open arms. He's great at shutting other team's top lines down, and he finds a way to generate points, too, at the same time as playing great defense." Zetterberg's return gives the Wings more options, as they can play him with Pavel Datsyuk or have each superstar center his own line. Though Zetterberg hasn't played since April 6, he isn't likely to need much time to get readjusted, given his level of skill. He will wear a brace for protection, but at least he has to put it now only when he's on the ice.