If Larry Robinson does not come back for a third season as associate coach with the Sharks, it'll likely be because he doesn't like the lack of respect players have for each other these days. Returning to the scene of his hall of fame career, Robinson was asked if he planned to exercise his contract option for a third season with San Jose. "Who knows?," said the 62-year-old Robinson. "At my age I just hope I get up the next morning." Then he got serious. "I wouldn't be in it as long as I have if I didn't enjoy the game and that's the part I like the most," he said. "If there was anything that would turn me away from the game it's the way it's being played and how the league is being handled now." Then he brought up the recent rash of illegal hits and injuries. "How many concussions have we had in the last two, three or four few weeks, the lack of respect the players are having for each other," Robinson said. "You question where our game is going sometimes." Yes, hockey has always been a rough game. But things have changed since his era, Robinson said.