Evander Kane has been in hot water in the NHL lately, after recently being accused of his wife, Anna, said he cheated on her with a model, Mara Teigen. She also said that the San Jose Sharks star was losing games unpurpose, in order to win bets.

According to The Daily Mail, photos have now leaked of Kaine being seen with Teigen, at the restaurant, Craig’s, in West Hollywood. They were spotted in Kane’s car after a night out, having dinner. They have reportedly been dating, after Anna filed for divorce from Evander, on July 16.

Kane and Teigen also dated back in 2014, prior to getting with Anna. At the time, Kane was with the Winnipeg Jets. Their first date was attending a Bulls-Knicks game, at Madison Square Garden. He even tried to get Teigen back after a breakup, in 2015, where he put up a billboard above 1 Oak, in LA.

Kane and Anna ended up getting married in 2018 and had a child in July 2020. Currently, Anna has a child on the way from him as well. After making the claims that she did about Kane, she added that he doesn’t even pay for essentials such as baby formula. She has since taken shots at Teigen as well, by calling her “Angelina 2.0,” and DMing her, where she asked how can she be with a man who cheats.