Zion Williamson has been absent from the NBA court since last season after picking a foot injury. He was expected to return in the early stages of this campaign, but his comeback was delayed every month until it was completely discarded by the New Orleans Pelicans. 

The young forward has raised some concerns about his health given his injury history, and it seems like the Pelicans are being careful with that, willing to offer a 5-year max deal to Zion, but not guaranteeing all of the money. Even though the player has shown his desire to stay with the franchise that drafted him into the NBA, the Pels are studying all the options regarding Zion. 

While some people consider this is smart for the team, others don't think it's fair for the player, and he should take a shorter deal only to be free to join another team soon. Shaquille O'Neal recently dropped this idea, saying that Zion could go to Los Angeles after the Pelicans 'embarrassed' him by revealing their plans of not offering a fully-guaranteed deal.