Dear consumer: Please go to best Buy or Costco or some other place that sells electronics and compare prices on the biggest flat-screen, high-def TVs for sale. You're going to need a humongous one once the NBA opens its doors again. Your TV is going to have to make room for two giants of glib, almost 14 feet of egos compressed into the big screen. Meet your starting lineup for the new "Inside the NBA," TNT crew, which now pairs Shaquille O'Neal with Charles Barkley. This will go down one of two ways: marketing magic, or marketing mayhem. If Shaq cuts down on his occasional stumbles and mumbles with nouns, verbs and adjectives, we've got a winner. Period, exclamation mark! Barkley is already a loose cannon. Shaq simply brings more firepower to the set, witness his R-rated video rap job on Kobe Bryant a few years ago after the Big Dominator won an NBA title with the Miami Heat while Kobe stayed home and stewed.