Shane Robinson remembers it well. A couple of days after he had been involved in a horrific collision in mid-April 2011 with Memphis outfield teammate Andrew Brown as both chased a blooper, he was lying in his hospital bed when the doctor came in. “He said, ‘You fractured your face (cheekbone) but that’s not the main reason I’m here. You also broke your finger. That’s going to be like six months before you’re back.’’’ Robinson said, “He was looking for me to say something. I was silent. I didn’t know what to say. “My wife (Jessica) had to chime in. She said, ‘He’s just really upset because he had a season-ending (collarbone) injury last year and this would make two years in a row.’” Robinson said he still couldn’t say anything himself. But he also said, “I couldn’t even eat anything. “I was just crushed. It looked kind of dark. I didn’t know if somebody was trying to tell me something.” Perhaps they were. Robinson said his travail “helped in the long run. It made me look at baseball in a different perspective and not take things for granted, not feel that I was owed anything.” Robinson, taken off the 40-man roster after the 2010 season, surprisingly was called up late in 2011, a fact the diminutive Florida State product called “a blessing.”