Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III impressed coach Mike Shanahan with his accuracy in this week's practices. Now Shanahan is buoyed by Griffin's ability to get through the week without a setback to his surgically repaired knee. "I thought he had a good week" Shanahan said Saturday via The Washington Post. "The best part about it (was) there wasn't any setback. As you have a plan going into your first week you're hoping you can execute that game plan. We were able to do that." The first phase of easing Griffin back in included participation in individual and 7-on-7 drills with his reps gradually increasing. The next phase will be implemented after Thursday's preseason opener versus the Tennessee Titans. "After the game we've got a little bit different game plan" Shanahan explained. "If there's no setback I'll share that with you next week when we implement it. The reason why I don't tell you at the beginning if there is a setback I'm not gonna tell you anyhow."