It was expected the Redskins would pick a safety Friday night. Instead, they came away with a cornerback and a tight end. The former, David Amerson, won over Mike Shanahan with his combination of size and ball skills, having snagged 18 inceptions the past two seasons at North Carolina State. “We think he’s got the athletic ability to make plays,” Shanahan said. “He’s in that 4.4 [second] range, and you’ve got length, and you’re in that 6-foot area, and you have the ability to play off coverage and bump …we can give him some opportunities he hasn’t had in the past.” Shanahan said he believes Amerson can play on the outside or in the slot, but will try him on the outside first. “The first thing you want to do is to see if a guy can play outside,” he added. “If you find that guy, then you’re in pretty good shape. I think he can play nickel, but we’re looking at him as an outside corner.” The latter, Jordan Reed, impressed Shanahan with his versatility and elusiveness. The Redskins weren’t even looking for a tight end, Shanahan said, but when the former Florida standout was still on the board at No. 85, they couldn’t pass him up. “We had him as a top receiving tight end and that’s one of the reasons why we drafted him,” Shanahan said. “We feel like he’s got those intangibles you look for, a lot like [Patriots tight end Aaron] Hernandez. I’m not sure if Hernandez is that fast but he’s got the ability to beat linebackers and defensive backs because he knows how to run routes, and this guys is very similar.”