It was apparent from the second the San Francisco 49ers acquired Jimmy Garoppolo that they weren't worried about having to pay him big money -- and it seems they're anticipating Garoppolo likely will play under the franchise tag in 2018. Speaking on the KNBR-AM Tolbert and Lund Podcast earlier this week, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan indicated that signing Garoppolo to the tag likely makes the most sense and it wouldn't be "that big of a deal to us." "It would be great if it could work out that way [a long-term contract], but that's just not the situation any of us are in," Shanahan said, per Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle. "So you want to play it out. That is the good thing about the franchise tag and that's what, to me, made it an easier decision to trade for him at the time we did..." It's logical Shanahan and the 49ers wouldn't think twice about shelling out the roughly $25 million it'll take for Garoppolo to play under the one-year tag. It might seem like a hefty price for a quarterback with only two NFL starts, but the 49ers have plenty of salary-cap space (roughly $60 million, per Spotrac) to take out a one-year financial flyer on Garoppolo -- even if he doesn't turn out to be the next Joe Montana or Steve Young. Shanahan explained the team's mind set about how it approached Garoppolo's contact situation when they traded for him: