Not so fast. Not so fast on the coronation walk. Not so fast on the parade talk. Not so fast on the Tim Thomas comparisons, either. In essence, those three words summed up the kind of night it was for the Bruins and for goalie Tuukka Rask last night: not so fast. For the first time since the Toronto Maple Leafs were skating circles around them and no one was talking about anything but a possible shake-up, Rask and the defense in front of him were equally shaky. The result was a 6-5 overtime loss in which Bruins coach Claude Julien was asked if Rask’s struggles were a result of his own play or the defense in front of him. It seemed the questions were an attempt to let the Bruins’ previously near-flawless goaltender off the hook for a six-goal effort that surrendered nearly as many goals as Thomas allowed in the seven-game Stanley Cup final two years ago (eight). Julien, in his usual straightforward manner, would have none of it. “I don’t evaluate the players publicly here,” Julien said. “I look at our whole team and tell you our whole team was average tonight. You can take what you want from that. “There was a lot of our game tonight that was just average, and average isn’t good enough at this stage of the season.”