In this wildly intriguing Giants postseason, Thursday might be the most intriguing day of all. Because Tim Lincecum is starting Game 4. A game that will either even the series for the Giants or swing the competition completely in favor of the Cardinals. "It's really big," Buster Posey said. It's Lincecum's moment. Another compelling chapter in his unique story. In this episode, the main man in 2010 who lost his starting job and morphed into lockdown reliever is asked to start a critical game and deliver his team to victory. Absolutely must-see TV. Bruce Bochy finally announced Lincecum as his Game 4 starter just moments after the Giants dropped Game 3 in frustrating fashion, leaving 11 stranded in the 3-1, rain-delayed loss. "He's the guy we want out there," Bochy said. "We've got to bounce back. It's great to have a guy like Timmy all set to go." Lincecum will be asked to stop the opposition, switch the momentum. It's what he has done in his three electric postseason appearances, coming out of the bullpen to lift his team, earning the win in Game 4 in Cincinnati. "What he's been able to do for us out of the 'pen has been so uplifting and motivating," Sergio Romo said. "It gets you excited when he's on the mound. We'll have the same confidence in him tomorrow." The Giants feel confident in Lincecum. More important, Lincecum seems to have rediscovered belief in himself.