You can expect to see a lot of contract agreements announced in baseball today, the date for teams and arbitration-eligible players to exchange the figures they would submit to the arbitration panels. The Giants got their biggest dollar case done before that exchange would have taken place, agreeing this morning to a one-year, $13.8 million deal with outfielder Hunter Pence. I have this image in my head of Pence standing face to face with GM Brian Sabean, a crazy look in his wide eyes, yelling, "I love this team. I'm not ready to go somewhere else. Give me the money! Give me the money!" Actually, Pence couldn't have gone elsewhere. He is not a free agent until this season is done. The only question was his salary for 2013, and his $13.8 million deal seems about right, maybe a bit north of the midpoint between his 2012 salary ($10.4 million) and what he could have expected to earn in arbitration.