We’re stuffed, we’re exhausted, and we’re looking for bargains. It’s the post-Thanksgiving shopping craze now, and we’re browsing the sale racks. Red Sox president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski surely is thinking about the biggest, baddest free agents he can acquire. Everyone wants to dream big in the offseason, and the Red Sox have the financial muscle to make a splash. If Dombrowski can get J.D. Martinez, by all means, he should get J.D. Martinez. But today, we’re thinking bargains. So, here are eight secondary free agents — all relatively cheap, all potential bargains — who might fit the Red Sox’ needs at a fraction of the cost. • Howie Kendrick: The idea here is two birds with one stone. Kendrick just turned 34 — which should keep his cost down — but he’s coming off a career-best .844 OPS with the Phillies and Nationals. He could fill in at second base while Dustin Pedroia recovers from surgery, then become a right-handed platoon outfielder. Kendrick’s versatility would give the Red Sox insurance, while giving them time to evaluate less proven options like Bryce Brentz and Marco Hernandez. • Mark Reynolds: Sure, Carlos Santana won’t cost as much as someone like Eric Hosmer, but that doesn’t mean Santana’s going to be bargain-bin cheap. Even Logan Morrison might demand surprising money after his breakout season. If we’re truly looking for low-cost power, Reynolds — who spent the past two seasons in Colorado — might fit because he can play first base and take advantage of the Green Monster. He’s a right-handed pull hitter with eight homers in his 34 career games at Fenway Park.