Everyone knows that in order to become a Super Bowl Champion, each team needs to have a certain number of roles filled. Here are those roles, and here are the players on the Seahawks that fulfill them. It all adds up to Superb Owl 2014. Enforcer - Kam "Bam Bam" Chancellor. Uh, this is an easy one. No single player on the Seahawks brings the element of ... for lack of a better way of putting it ... PAIN, to an opposing offense as well as their 6'4, 220 pound strong safety. Kam is well known amongst his NFC West brethren for devastating knockout hits - ask Vernon Davis, ask Todd Heap. You could also ask Anquan Boldin and Phillip Tanner if you like, too. Brain - Russell "Take it play at a time" Wilson. Again, pretty easy. Wilson studies tape at Peyton Manning levels of insanity, leaves notes about opposing cornerbacks in his receivers' lockers, and never, ever, says anything but cliches. You ain't got nothing on Wilson, and you don't know what he's up to. He says you take it one snap at a time, but he's still probably four steps ahead of you right now.