Statues of Notre Dame's national championship coaches almost stand guard around the Fighting Irish's 91-year-old stadium. Rockne, Leahy, Parseghian, Devine, Holtz. You don't need the first names. Bronze gods erected to salute the chase that matters most in South Bend, Indiana.

More could be made about the milestone Brian Kelly will soon pass. The next win by Notre Dame's current coach will be his 106th, the most in school history, passing Knute Rockne. They've made movies about Rockne. Kelly knows they won't build a statue to him no matter how many games he wins … unless he qualifies.

"I can tell you exactly where I sit in Notre Dame history," Kelly said during a conversation with CBS Sports this week. "The coach that won more games that hasn't won a national championship. That's where I'll sit."

It's clear Kelly has thought about the answer. There will be no crowing despite the fact he is about to pass Knute freakin' Rockne. If he lasts three more seasons, Kelly will also pass Rockne as the football powerhouse's longest-tenured coach.