Sergei Bobrovsky leans back in his locker stall half of his equipment hung up behind him and the rest still strapped to his legs and feet. He’s staring straight ahead at nothing in particular while music blares and the rest of the Blue Jackets players swirl around him. When goaltending coach Ian Clark emerges from a back room Bobrovsky brightens and sits forward and the two go over a handful of scenarios Bobrovsky just faced discussing how the 25-year-old might handle some of them differently. This was not after a tough game against Chicago or Detroit. It wasn’t even after a game. This was Bobrovsky after a routine practice and it’s a scene that has played out numerous times during his short time with the Blue Jackets including a few during the preseason. “I’ve seen carefree goalies” Blue Jackets wing R.J. Umberger said. “I’ve seen goalies that like to joke around. I’ve known some goalies that are just generally weird. But this is just one very focused individual. Sergei brings it like that every day.” Bobrovsky’s magnificent play last season earned him the Vezina Trophy given each season to the NHL’s top goaltender. It was nearly good enough to drag the Blue Jackets into the playoffs for only the second time in franchise history.