Serge Ibaka is doing things he didn't consistently do before. Some of them are basic, like locating and landing in the open spot offensively. Some are more intricate, like reading and reacting to defenses and making the right pass. But the Thunder's starting power forward is now blossoming into a well-rounded ballplayer, giving Oklahoma City a much-needed additional offensive threat in its first unit. Ibaka's development can be attributed in part to six weeks playing with the Spanish national team this summer. Playing in a system that was heavily reliant on its big men being facilitators rather than the beneficiary of wing playmakers, Ibaka was forced to adapt to a different style. And while playing behind the Gasol brothers, Pau and Marc, Ibaka got a front-row seat to two of the world's best passing big men. "You could tell he just watched those guys and learned a lot," said Kevin Durant. It's almost shocking to now see Ibaka's improvement offensively.